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    OCCT Perestroika


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    OCCT Perestroika

    Messaggio Da Toretto0921 il Ven Lug 01, 2011 9:12 am

    OCCT, OverClock Checking Tool, è una utility che permette di mettere sotto stress in sequenza il proprio processore così da valutarne la stabilità operativa in condizioni di overclock. Di seguito le note fornire con il programma:


    BugFixs : Now OCCT properly detect all 4 cores temperatures on some quad-cores CPU, and OCCT properly detects CPUs in Vista (some were problematic)
    OCCT now supports ACPI Sensors and HDD Sensors (SMART)

    The "default.po" file used for translation is usable again - it was corrupted in the previous release
    Changelog 2.0.0 :


    Brand new and more effective tests !
    CPU : generating much more heat
    RAM : More effective at generating errors
    Mix (Former CPU&RAM) : alternating CPU and RAM tests. You'll see peaks in the CPU temperature graph : this is normal !
    Auto test is now 1h long
    Custom test is now 2h long by default. Don't forget you can change this in the options !
    A sound is played if any error is detected

    CPU-Z SDK used : OCCT now uses the CPU-Z SDK Engine to get your system information !
    Built-in monitoring : OCCT now integrates HWMonitor and will auto-configure itself for temperatures and voltages monitoring
    CSMT common monitoring interface : OCCT is now using plugins to control monitoring programs (Speedfan, Everest,...). The details of this interface will be released soon.

    You can now select the custom test type in the main window of OCCT
    The ON button now blinks when a test is running (if it is not blinking : error or your computer froze)
    Option windows completly revised with new options (mainly related to graphs - see below)
    OCCT's version number is now visible on the main window
    Many new languages supported (Hebrew, Spanish,...)

    Graphs can now be generated in 2 different sizes - Check the options !
    CSV files can be generated, containing the monitoring information of every graph
    Graph scales are now much, much easier to read

    Versione: 4.0.0 Beta 9
    Dimensione: 5.7 MB
    Licenza: Freeware closed source

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    Sharkoon 1000 black edition | (MAINBOARD): Asus P8Z68-V | (CPU): i7 2600k cooled by Zalman CNPS9900 max | (VGA): Asus HD 6950 DirectCu II 1GB | (RAM): Mach Xtreme Tecnology 1333mhz 2X2gb | (POWER SUPPLY): Energon EPS 750w | (HARD DISK): Western Digital 500gb sata2 7200rpm Caviar Blue

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